The perfect summer gardens in Bucharest

If we count on the weather, it seems like summer is coming. We hope so, because we plan to spend time outside as much as we can. Besides parks and stuff like that, we have another ways to work in the open air: summer gardens. What? You don’t know where to find them? Don’t worry, we have an amazing list and we’re sure that at least one of them is to your liking.


 We talk about colours, joy and positivism all around. Above the terrace, you can find a lot of colorful umbrellas that give a bohemian touch to the place.

You cand find it on 40 Polona Street.


2.Journey Pub

You can tell that it’s all about travelling. Even the bill will come in a mini suitcase. Everything is green and it’s the perfect place to drink a lemonade with your girlfriends or work on a project.

It’s on 25 George Enescu Street.

3.Dianei 4

If you love old houses and you wanna travel through time, Dianei 4 is the perfect place. Located on the street with the same name, 4 Dianei, you can come here and stop time for a moment.


4.J’ai Bistrot

If you wanna lie in a hammock with your favorite book, J’ai Bistrot can provide this for you. It’s a cool place, but it’s far from the centre of the city. You can find it on 55 Grivitei Street.



The name indicates a piece of heaven on Earth. We agree with this statement. No matter the day, you can feel the weekend vibe if you go there.

You can find it on 107, Victoriei Street.



It’s an amazing garden with a very delicious lemonade. We recommend to try it and you can find it on 15, Arthut Verona Street.



It’s a shabby chic garden, perfect for fashionistas to have their five o’clock tea. You just have to go there, it’s a must. It’s located on 7, Grigore Romniceanu Street.


8.Ceainaria Cinci

Don’t worry, if you’re hipster, there’s a summer garden for you, too. We talk about Five Teahouse, where you cand find a very chillout mood.


9.Ceainaria Green tea

There are so many roses, that the atmosphere is so romantic. And May is the perfect month for them to shine. You can also find it on 24, Dr. Burghelea Street.



This is a very well-known place and it looks amazing in the summer. You should check out, is located on 4, Constantin Mille Street.


11.Terasa Monteoru

It’s a whole history behind the Monteoru House and we think it’s a magical place that should not be missed. It’s on 115, Victoriei Street.


12.La un ceai

If you’re a tea fan, this place is perfect for you. There are so many interesting events over there, that you must try it. It’s located on 25, Luigi Cazzavillan Street.


13.Ceai la Vlaicu

If you wanna feel like you’re in your grandmother garden, you can go there. Everything is so simple and nice and authentic, that you must sit down, close your eyes and just feel the sun on your skin.

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14. La Metoc

This is another place that reminds us of our grandparents backyard. If you’re patient, it will come the time when you can eat cherries right from the tree.



Summer is long and you have time to try them all. Each one has its uniqueness.



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