The perfect accommodation for Metallica’s concert in Bucharest

If you’re planning to see Metallica’s concert in Bucharest on August 14 next year, than we have for you the perfect accommodation. Not only that is right in the middle of old city, but it is really easy to get to the concert by subway.
Your benefit? Before and after concert you’ll be right in the heart of the city, in an area where the fun&parties are always present.

If you plan to stay a few days to visit the most importants sites of the city, you should know that Little Bucharest is really close to almost everything, meaning that you and reach your targets ussualy by foot. Also, there are a few interesting places to visits, especially in the summer, around the city. So if you want to rent a car, you should know that in august the streets are not very crowded so it’s ok. And if you are on the green site and plan to rent an electric car, check electric cars chargers site for infos regarding where to charge.

But you don’n need to worry about anything, you’ll find all the necessary infos at our desk where there are always a few people pleased to help.