Flea Markets in Bucharest


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Fresh fruit and vegetables, unique merchandise, traditional product, you can find them all in flea markets. Fortunately Bucharest has plenty of them since locals like to shop in the traditional way instead of going to supermarkets.

One of the most famous one is Obor, which literally means “market” in Romanian language. You can get there by metro, getting off at Obor station.  Although it now looks new, the market has an impressive history, having been built in 18th century and serving a public executions ‘place for most part of the 19th century. It became renowned as a market during the 40`s when the main hall was built. Here you can find fresh food at low prices and good quality. There are shops that sell counterfeit products and you can haggle for almost anything. Here is the place of all possibilities and chances are you will find anything you need in this market. Remember that the first thing you see is not always the best so you should first go around and see what the market has to offer and then buy something.

The Peasant Museum located near Victory Square organizes a flea market every other two weeks. Here you can mostly find traditional products produced by people who still live in the countryside. You can get cheese, wine, Romanian traditional drink-palinca and even traditional clothes. This is also a good place to get souvenirs from because lots of hand-made things are on sale.

Right in the heart of the city, there`s an antique market perfect for buying unique souvenirs. It`s on the corner of Doamnei and Ion Ghica street in a wonderful art deco building. Collectables such as stamps or vinyl can be found here. There are also old clothes, posters, postcards or radios. You just have to pay it a visit to see all the gems it has to offer.

Last but not least another beautiful market you are bound to enjoy is the Flower market located on Rahovei Avenue. You can get nice flowers for cheap prices but be aware, never buy one of the already made bouquets that are on display because they aren`t fresh and will wear off easily. Get creative and make your own bouquet instead.

Have fun haggling!


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