EFF IT, I’M ON HOLIDAY: The Charming Little Bucharest Hostel


Vlad from EFF IT, I’M ON HOLIDAY has written this amazing review for Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel and we’re really proud about it. Thank you, Vlad!

“We all have a lot of expectations when it comes to booking accommodation for a new trip: it has to be in the city center, it must have nice rooms (with Wi-Fi, preferably), it must be affordable, and it would be nice if the staff was friendly. But how often do you find a place that makes you say “Eureka, this is it” ?  Hidden in the heart of Bucharest – right in the Old Town – there’s a hostel that you could easily miss if it weren’t for a cute sign at the entrance. Once you go in, you will be welcomed with a smile and the warm atmosphere will make you want to stay just a little longer.” Click here for the rest of the story…

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Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel is part of Pura Vida Hostels.

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