October 29, 2013


Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel is on 15 Smârdan Street, right in the middle of the Old Town of Bucharest. This is the top located hostel in Bucharest!

Little Bucharest Old Town Hostel  means cheap accommodation in the historical center of Bucharest – in the center of entertainment, historical monuments, bars, clubs, museums – all within walking distance. You can forget the word TAXI or Public Transport!

From the Airport: Catch bus 783 from the airport Otopeni and get off at Unirii 2 stop (which is also the last stop on the route) or at Universitate. For this you have to purchase a return ticket which costs 7 lei, around 1.5 euros. This will take you to the city center and you can use to get back to the airport.

At Unirii 2 Stop get off the bus, go right, cross the river, go left and then go right on Șelari Street. Take the second left, on Smârdan Street and continue until no. 15. The hostel is on the right side, just before the Pharmacy. Use the button at the entrance to call the hostel. See the path here.

You can also get off the bus at Universitate. That’s the stop before the end of the route. Get off the bus at Universitate, go left, cross the passage, use the “Muzeul de istorie” (History Museum) exit, go right, first left, then right again on Ion Ghica Street, go straight ahead, cross Doamnei Street, enter the Old Town on Smârdan Street and go along the National Bank and you will see the hostel in the yellow building on the left corner. The entrance is right after the Pharmacy. See the path here.

If you prefer to take a taxi, best is to go to the information point where they have a service for calling you a taxi, you can choose the company yourself from a list (the normal price is around 1.4 lei/km). They will call a cab for you and hand you an identification number for the car. This is a way to avoid being ripped off, but still make sure the driver runs the meter and don’t agree on a certain price upon departure. The trip should cost you between 30 and 50 lei.

From the train station: Either take the trolley bus number 85 down to the University (see below info on tickets*) stop or the metro to the Unirii stop (metro tickets are either 5 lei for 2 trips or 20 lei for 10 trips; there are options for daily tickets for 8 lei). We’re in between the two stops mentioned. It is not such a good idea to catch a taxi from the train station, the ones parked in front of it are notorious for overcharging tourists.

* The price for one bus/trolley ticket is 1.3 lei; you can buy one in the stands which are located in most bus stations. You can purchase a travel card and the minimum amount is of 2.6 lei, which is the equivalent of 2 trips.

CONTACT US:  oldtown@littlebucharest.ro
Phone: +40786055287


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