Digital Nomad Profile: Gabi and Velizar, Claim Compass

Claim Compass is one of the few companies on the market who helps airline passengers get compensated when their flights are delayed, cancelled or overbooked. With an average rate of compensation of 400 EUR, the market is well over 9.6 billion EUR and Claim Compass has  already  passed the 100,000 EUR mark in compensations, estimating to reach 250,000 EUR by the end of 2016.

Originally from Bulgaria, Gabi (20) and Velizar (23) met in Glasgow while studying computer science. They are young, ambitious and full of energy and it seems like nothing can deter them from their purpose: helping passengers claim their rights. This is no easy task as the public in Eastern Europe, which is their primary market, is  less informed than the western one. It all began in June last year with two passionate students: one in Law school and one in computer science and one problem that needed solving. There are over 24million passengers each year in Europe alone, whose travel plans are affected by excessive flight delays, cancellations and overbooking. Less than 4% of the latter receive compensation they are legally entitled to. So they thought what better way to solve this problem  than create an app that not only informs passengers about their rights but also offers adequate support for the exercise of these rights.

The two are part of a team made up of 7 full time members and some interns they just recently hired. They are working from either Sofia, Berlin of Glasgow so they don`t  fit in the traditional way of working and their primary meeting point is online. Gabi and Velizar spent  3 weeks in Romania, one of the markets they hope to expand to and worked at our hub(Pura Vida Hub). Their journey encompassed more than just working and meeting possible partners but also discovering a new country.

Since the summer just started we thought a holiday was in order for them…quite the contrary. They are going to Sofia to meet with the rest of the team and work with them for two months. Their time in Romania, even if short, was their getaway.

From the tourist perspective, our nomads had a chance to taste a bit of Bucharest`s life. They were checked in at Little Bucharest Hostel and then switched for Pura Vida Sky Hostel. Even if they planned to have a relaxing time and a healthy work-life balance, the reality of Bucharest`s nightlife struck them. By staying in a hostel right in the middle of the trembling Old Town they had the chance to discover our nightlife and get accustomed to the Romanian hospitality, thus their balance became working at day and partying at night. They say they enjoyed the atmosphere here and met some lovely people they hope to remain in touch with.

Part of their experience at the hub involved a tour of Bucharest and a trip to the seaside where they did not only met new contacts that might be relevant for their business but also had a great time and were able to enjoy themselves.

Despite their busy schedule they had a nice experience afterall and surely made an impression on us. We hope we will be able to see them again and they hinted that we might as there is a chance they will come back. Till next time we can only follow their progress and hope for their best.




Gabi and Velizar Living la puravida at a party on our Sky Bar, Photo courtesy of Ionut Caluian