How autumn is in Bucharest?

Autumn in Bucharest

A few tourists asked us if Autumn is the right time to visit Bucharest. I can definitely say that is probably the best time to visit Bucharest, especially September & October. Let’s take the advantages and disadvantages step by step.

Advantages to visit Bucharest in the Fall:

  1. The local temperature is around 25 degrees Celsius in September, like 15-20 in October and can drop a lot till the end of November. So it’s not Summer hot, it’s not Winter cold, it’s just great.
  2. Prices, yes! The season is over, the prices are going down, at least accommodation will definitely be cheaper.
  3. With the summer being over, all the locals are coming back to the city. That means that most of the major events will be in or close to Bucharest during the Autumn. And this is not a small thing, because there are a lot of wine festivals, food festivals or street festivals. Whatever any festivals you may think, you’ll find it here, in the heart of the city or close to it.
  4. You could feel the local atmosphere. There is no better way to experience it, than joining the pub&clubs concerts of the local troops that are present everywhere in that time of the year.

Disadvantages. Yes, there are a few.

  1. Whether. As I said it could be great, but if yo.u’re unlucky you can catch a few raining days. The fun is still great, but not that great.
  2. Traffic. Oh yes, everybody knows that, once the season is over, the traffic in Bucharest is a nightmare again. Important advice: find accommodation close to a metro station.