September 29, 2014

Bucharest Greeters – an alternative way to discover the city

Bucharest is a never sleeping city with a vibrant life, so if you want to enjoy a unique experience, to discover the authentic Bucharest, the unknown parts of it, request a Bucharest Greeter, who will share his secrets about the city with you as your best friend!

Bucharest Greeters will offer according to your preferences a personalized jaunt, show interesting places & urban culture, architecture, parks, shopping centers, less well known neighborhoods, present national culture, culinary and traditions of Romanians.

To request a greeter you have to fill a form on the website and then they’ll pair your group with a local volunteer according to your common interests for a 2-3 hours tour through Bucharest. With a greeter, you can experience more fun, love and craziness in Bucharest!

You’re not just a tourist. You’re a friend.

See & feel more. Start loving Bucharest!

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